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by CaptainMorgan at 7:06 PM
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Some changes to report here at the community site.
  • We recently discovered that built into the software is the ability to tag folks in your thread or post. This will alert them to your discussion - as an example, @body bag & @Bocephus are now tagged. Simply add the "@" character, type a couple letters and the system will show a popup for candidates to pick from.
  • We're currently testing a credit/points system for this particular forum software. The items to track points on are almost endless, but as it stands right now there isn't anything you can actually do with the points (like ranking up or purchasing site stuff) other than accumulating them. We're waiting for a secondary piece of software to test more and then roll out the system after that. Stay tuned.
  • Minor changes in the design of the default orange/yellow theme have been made to make it look more clean. In some areas items may...
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This is about a month old, but it's worth watching if you haven't already (40 mins or so).

Some of my thoughts on the video:
  • For some of the classes and how you customize them, you can either be walking/running normally or waddling.
  • There's too much bright color on weapons and just about everywhere for something I deem 'advanced'. It just looks cheesy. Are we playing Tron?
  • For the most part, to me it seems like a slightly slower version of Titanfall... but not by much. The maps appear somewhat small for their "emphasis on tactical gameplay" and CQB. What about sniping? There's no evidence of sniping in this game... Quickscoping is NOT sniping.
  • They're heavily touting the EXO skeleton and its abilities. A lot of it matches Titanfall - stim, cloaking, verticality, etc. etc. etc.
    • One thing I did like was the EXO Hover. Where you can hover high above...
by CaptainMorgan at 12:23 PM
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Tapatalk on the new website is now live!

Easy links to get Tapatalk for your device:

*Courtesy of a very talented and former TAC member, @preventDefault .
by CaptainMorgan at 11:45 PM
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With an opening to fill, we contacted the eligible candidates and asked each if they had interest in serving their team at a higher level. @body bag expressed interest and having already been on the Board before, he's well equipped to handle the tasks that are going to be heading his way in the weeks to come.

Everyone please welcome and congratulate BodyBag on being reseated on the Board once again! Being a decision maker and leader both on the battlefield and off, please remember to show him the same respect you show our other leaders.

Thank you,
by CaptainMorgan at 2:11 AM
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VRod has agreed to take on a new position, as Director of Competitions (or Director of Leagues). Having joined in 2014, he is currently the most active and longest serving member this year.

We have tapped him to act as a liaison for the various leagues (Fraggned Nation, TWL, MLG, etc..), coordinating our competitive matches and getting our team once again feared amongst the competition.

We've been out of the competition arena for a little while, in fact none taking place in 2014. We're looking to put a stop to that and begin getting active again with VRod's assistance and steadfast dedication to serving his clan.

Let's wish him luck in his new position. :clapping:

by CaptainMorgan at 1:32 AM
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In the beginning there was seven Founders. On the first day of our founding there was seven, but on the very next day there was an extra two - @body bag and @Castrator. We didn't know right away what to do. Since that first day we as a group classified Founders as those that were there on day one. Anyone that came after would have to be simply new members, not founders. But whether due to miscommunication or fear of perception, the two that showed up the next day were never again considered founders because of this rule.

A week later we had three new people, and it just wasn't kosher to have 9 founders and 3 new members... a case of too many chiefs, too little Indians. Three weeks later we lost two of the founders and we felt that the number 3, 4 or 5 was a good number of Founders to keep as a standard - a temporary classification.

Today, we are down to 2 founders: Myself and Bo. With that, we are rewriting what it means to be...